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 Rediscovering some lost bass classics. Fuckin pretty music when you strip back some of the grime

Joy O - So Derobe

  • Dazed

Tornado Wallace ft. Jonny Nash - Time of Nectar

oriental odyssey

"I actually can’t remember a time when I’ve been wrong"
- Rex Roseman

Thundercat - Tron Song

$5000 video directed by Eric Andre

Sunrise Set at Burning Man, treat yourself!

LCD ft Miles -¬†New York, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down

Recondite - Riant

Gigi Masin - The Word Love

Curtesy of Gosso’s softer side

Esbee Family - Gin & Lime

Simmer down and mix one up in the sun

Good set from motor city drum ensemble from a few weeks back, super groovy

  • Spot the Animals Dancing sticker on Young Marco’s (I think?) case at 2:51

Sheffield Party People

  • What a night! “Yer won’t get yer Rick Astley played”
  • Spice of life, etc.

Black Sabbath - Planet Caravan

This one goes out to Gangles, the man loves a woozy number or two

  • enjoyed this with the rain coming down